Monogrammed Charcuterie Boards? YES!


Monograms are a stylish tradition for most Southern women when it comes to weddings, birth announcements, and home décor. Newly engaged couples typically combine two or more letters from their names to form one unique symbol. These monograms can range from a simple block style to an elegant and artistic version. At Empress Stationery clients are encouraged to use this symbol on all announcements, thank you notes and invitations concerning the wedding, as it personalizes everything about the occasion.  Great care is taken to fashion just the right monogram for each couple.

Monogrammed gifts are also famous for new brides and new parents. They symbolize a fresh beginning and are a beautiful way to express personality and ownership. Monograms make it more than just a gift. They make it you are unique, one of a kind gift.

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Courtney is a wonderful food stylist. She took the time to share her love of food and beauty with us.

Courtney is a wonderful food stylist. She took the time to share her love of food and beauty with us.

Meet Courtney of Savor Style!

Q: What are your go-to items when building a grazing board?

A: I love experimenting with different kinds of cheese, meat, dips and garnishes depending on the occasion (for example, is it an elegant dinner party or a casual game-day gathering?). But my personal faves for the perfect spread include a creamy brie, aged cheddar, something unexpected (like a truffled gouda or black pepper pecorino), two cured meats, marcona almonds, castelvetrano olives, fresh berries, dried apricots, preserves, honey and lots of crackers or sliced baguette (give me all the bread!). 

Q: What size board should I choose for my gathering? 

A: My two favorite boards are 14" and 20" - both of these are great for a crowd. I think the smaller board easily serves 6-12, while the large one is perfect for up to 20 or more! What I LOVE about the Empress boards is that each size and shape can hold a substantial amount without covering up the gorgeous monogram (because who wouldn't want to show that off?). If you need to conserve space on the board, simply serve the crackers or ramekins of olives to the side. 

Q: What is your favorite thing to add to a board that might surprise people? 

A: Black Pepper Kettle Chips! These are my personal weakness; but I LOVE the extra saltiness and crunch they add to a graze. And though it might sound odd, they are my favorite snack to pair with sparkling wine (try it!). 

Q: Why grazing boards? (this might be a dumb way to phrase - maybe "why do you love grazing boards" or something similar?)

A: I'm a big believer in spending time around the table. Growing up, our weeks were busy but weekends were for quality time in the kitchen! The best part of the day was when my mom and dad started cooking dinner - they'd pour a glass of wine (maybe a Shirley Temple for my sister and me), set out some cheese & crackers, and we'd hang out around the kitchen island snacking, talking and just being together. I think that grazing boards invite people to gather and connect - truly the best part of any party! 

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