Payton and Parker's Rehearsal Dinner

Payton + Parker’s Rehearsal Dinner

Payton & Parker's rehearsal dinner photos! What a beautiful memory!

Payton & Parker's rehearsal dinner photos! What a beautiful memory!

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We had a wonderful time designing the invitations, menus, table numbers, and other paper pieces for Payton and Parker’s rehearsal dinner. When it comes to wedding festivities like the rehearsal dinner, an invitation starts to set the tone for the evening. Guests begin to see all the little details like color and custom artwork. Payton and Parker chose to incorporate a custom painting of their venue, The Florentine, on the invitation and chose to use that painting in lots of little details throughout the event. Small color details like the blue type and golden touches in the painting show their vision of an elegant event coming to life.

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One way they chose to incorporate their custom artwork was onto the menus for the evening.

No matter if we are designing for a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or any event in between, we strive to understand our client’s vision for their special event. Part of that process is to identify the details that are most important to them. Payton and Parker’s rehearsal dinner was held at The Florentine, a beautiful, historic building in downtown Birmingham. A venue painting made perfect sense for them and it was a detail that was able to be carried throughout the entire event.

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Another way they incorporated their custom artwork was with these adorable cookies! The detail on these beauties is absolutely incredible. What a perfect little treat for Payton and Parker’s friends and family to take home!

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As they hinted in their invitations, their dreamy table scapes had stunning touches of gold and lovely hints of blue. They truly had the perfect setting to enjoy their last evening of being an engaged couple and being surrounded by their people. Shout out to the talented Eric and Jamie Photography for capturing the sweet couple and their beautiful venue. Every detail was absolutely stunning!

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The floral arrangements were elegant and breathtaking.

Catering by The Florentine never fails to disappoint!

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What a stunning, elegant evening for a beautiful couple! They took great care in every detail from start to finish. It was a joy to work with them to make this event one that they will cherish for years to come.