Sneak Peek: Fiesta!

Hello friends! I'm sorry I've been away so long. I've been out of town so much lately, from the beach with friends (much needed vacay), to the river, even to the Little League State tournament in Sylacauga, Alabama...My boyfriend's little bro is 13, and I guarantee his name will be in lights one lights! He's great!

So there is an exciting venture in the near future. A group of girls I work with and myself have decided we are going to start a shared blog between the 6 of us. This will be a creative outlet for all of us, in different ways. We hope to feature paper goods, fashion inspiration, travel, food, design, and party planning. So this is a sneak peek of the party planning aspect. The cool thing about it is the "party planning" involves all the categories and features everyone's input. You can guess mine...Thats right, Paper goods!!! Hooray! This was Malinda's 25th birthday fiesta. Enjoy all the photos, and I'll keep you posted on upcoming blog!