It really was a fantastic's a few highlights of the gifts from the fam.
The moose (who is now lovingly called Marty Moose from National Lampoons Vacation)is from Zgallerie,where I got the Rhino and Deer. The Keurig is honestly a God send...Mom and Dad knew I was spending WAY too much money at the ole' Starbucks across the street. I actually look forward to waking up now...Ok so I've been wanting a steam cleaner for a while mainly because, well, don't tell my dog I told you, but Maybelle tends to have accidents during the day while we are away at work. While I know she should be well trained by now, those of you who know her know she is "special" and I say that with as much love as possible. But my carpet and hardwood floors are being ruined in the process.I kid you not, this machine is a miracle, and it only uses water. My carpets look NEW! Hooray! If you're in the market, try the Haan! I have no complaints! Ok so the Tudor Chronicles is pretty self explanatory, but I LOVE anything that has to do with kings and queens. I think the Tudor period in England is over-the-top crazy interesting. So this book from Boyfriend has kept me busy. THEN my sister gave me the most incredible historical type book ever...A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles Volume 1. You can find it on Amazon. This is a treasury of historic typefaces, borders, labels, etc and is simply divine. And to top all of this off, two feather pillows from Mom and Dad for EXTRA sweet dreams...Thank you wonderful family for your love and a fabulous Holiday vacation. Yall really are the best!