Moroccan Night with the Girls!

Salaam! (That means hello in Morocco according to google. And yes I know the flags on the straws at the top look like they say Salami on first glance.) The girls and I decided that a Moroccan themed night would be a fabulous way to celebrate the recent move of one of the girls to NYC. Not celebrating her leaving, but celebrating the awesome fact that she was going to live in the most fabulous city in the world! So we all pitched in and had a blast! Malinda whipped up an awesome batch of Moroccan chicken stew over couscous, as well as mint tea (which is a traditional drink shared amongst friends in Morocco, again according to google) and a delicious dessert of, get this, curry peanut butter ice cream topped with a chocolate moroccan mustache! It was amazing, and just thinking about that stew is making me crave another bowl! I'll post the recipe soon! Anyway, enjoy the pictures!