The road to the Wedding: the Showers

My cousin Jennifer and I have been close our whole life, and I am so honored to 1) have the opportunity to stand by her side as her bridesmaid, and 2)design her wedding! (duh...) So I'm sharing what we've done so far...shower invitations! My mom, aunts, and grandmother decided to throw her a kitchen shower here in Alabama (Jennifer lives in Florida) with all of her family invited. Because it was a family shower (and the best recipes come from your family) we sent recipe cards with the invitation so the guests could share their very best/favorite recipe with Jen. She's gotta keep that soon-to-be hubby's belly happy, right? So we sent her back down to Florida with lots of yummy recipes and all the utensils and such she needs to make them. Jennifer's bridesmaids threw a pretty pink and green Garden Party last month, and we thought it would be super cute to send the guests home with a seed packets to grow their own garden. I crafted these little babies by hand, and they turned out fabulous. I am also designing every little bit of paper anything for the big day, so I'll be sharing those with you later. Stay tuned, you do NOT want to miss it! Hope everyone's week is going great!