Build-a-Library Baby Shower Invitations

I got a new camera for my birthday! (can you tell??) So hopefully moving forward, I'll be using photography as much as possible...Anywho, I was asked to design baby shower invitations for a friend recently, and the idea of the shower was to build the baby's library with sweet bedtime stories and favorites of the mommy-to-be (as well as friends and family). The entire shower is library themed, and for the invite, I thought it would be great to incorporate the library card-&-pocket style with a due date card. Also, I designed bookplate labels for guests to stick on the inside of each book so the baby (eventually toddler, kindergartener, and so on) would know which special someone the book came from. I used a monogram for the baby on the plates and the silver pocket on the invitation, and would also carry over for additional pieces at the party, and possibly thank you notes after the shower. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!