Harry Potter Pre-Movie Bash

I am so behind on this post...we're talking about 10 months here. I was conversing with a coworker this morning about my love for Harry Potter movies (I've listed to like 4 of the books on audio book. Like them, love the movies...backwards I know). I love the movies so much so that I waited to see all eight of them before even thinking about reading listening to the books. I love the thrill of not knowing what will happen in a movie. Why on earth would I want to know what happens to our dear Harry before I spend about 10 bucks at the theater? Anywho. I realized I NEVER POSTED PICS FROM MY HARRY POTTER PARTY! Arg. So here goes... Sarah and I concocted a little pre-Harry bash for some friends...just a small get-together, nothing fancy. Just some chocolate covered frogs, maybe some acid pops here, chocolate licorice wands there...oh and its not a party without butter beer...you see how this snowballed into quite the event. So we spent the better part of that week in the kitchen after work...pretending we were Lucy and Ethel at the candy conveyor belt. Sidenote: Do you know how hard it is to find a frog-shaped frog mold only 48 hours before a party??? I do. Thank the Lord my friend Malinda at Atomic Cakery volunteered her skills for the butter beer cupcakes. Well, sweets weren't enough. My mom volunteered her FANTASTIC shepherds pie (because thats what they eat at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, duh). Throw in some costumes, a nice little Platform 9 3/4 sign, and we've got a party! ENJOY!