A Sweet Baby Boy is on the Way!

So 10 years ago this week, I moved into my freshman dorm at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) and felt the same anxiety I think every freshman feels living away from home for the first time. I went potluck, and it was probably the best decision I made when kicking off my college career. And here's why...the two girls in the room next to mine would become my life-long friends. The friends I would live with my junior and senior year. The friends I'd spend countless hours with laughing and experiencing the best time of my life. Allison is one of those girls. And by Labor Day Weekend, she will be a mother...so crazy but so beautiful. I was there the night she and her husband Jared met at one of our favorite hangouts in Auburn. I stood by her side when they said "I Do," and now I'll be "Aunt Jessi" to sweet baby Riggs. We threw Allison a baby shower in July and I couldn't wait to post the invitations designed for the big day, along with Rigg's personal stationery...This baby boy is going to be so loved!