Color Crushin'... Emerald + Blush + Brass

I was literally on edge of sleep the other night. Like, that stage of falling asleep where you're half there but still awake. And sometimes in that moment, for me, I have some pretty cool thoughts. Some of my best ideas have come from my twilight sleep! Anyway, so I was on the edge of sleep... and visions of deep green, pinky blush, and brass were dancing in my head. Strange. I know. 

The next day, I was a bit rampant in my search for visuals to make my color dreams come true. Y'all. This is how the process works for me every. time. The point of this post, and many #colorcrush /inspirational/etc etc. posts to follow, is to show how I work. The creative process is magnificent and messy and beautiful and difficult and hard to translate at times. But I think it's so important to show the beginnings. And what inspires me. And what fills my engine. 

Back to the color. Let's think about blush in a different way. Blush and gold have been besties since 2013, but what happens when you let gold grow up a little bit? A little patina goes a long way, and before you know it, you have the glorious brassy gold. Then blush can take on a little bump in the pink department, because the masculine and luxurious shade of emerald comes into the mix. When I think of this color, the first thing I see in my head is Scarlet's green velvet curtain dress in Gone with the Wind. It's rich. It's inviting. And it lurves some pink + gold. 

Ok. I'm going to let the mood boards do the rest of the talking. Thank you to my fabulous intern Tyler for taking my right-side-brain explosion and making it look presentable and pretty. 

Happy Wednesday loves!

Fig. No. 1

Fig. No. 2

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